Show Poster of the Week - The Dangits, The Me-Thinks, Drawer Devils at The Boiled Owl Tavern / by Prewitt Scott-Jackson

Once a week FWN features a show poster from the Fort.


This week's featured show poster promotes a nut-punching rock show goin' down this Friday at The Boiled Owl Tavern.

To be quite frank, The Dangits plus The Me-Thinks with a splash of Drawer Devils has me concerned and wondering if the little ol' Owl can handle this much rock. Here's hoping her walls hold up. 

Show starts at 9pm, full event details posted here.

Ray Liberio & Calvin Abucejo, proprietors of local design group Pussyhouse Propaganda, are the responsible parties for crafting this delectable eye candy.

Oh, and ICYMI, we recently interviewed Liberio and his bands The Me-Thinks and Stoogeaphilia -- click here to catch yourself up.

When we reached out about this show poster Liberio told FWN that him and Abucejo are big fans of classic poster designers Ray Pettibon, Derek Hess, Frank Kozik and Jermaine Rogers.

"We just rip them off...hahahaha," Liberio joked. 

Even if you knew nothing of their influences, you can tell Liberio and Abucejo are students of the game. 

So why do we love this show poster so much? For starters, I got two words for ya: seafoam green.

The texturized seafoam green backdrop serves as the foundation of the poster's imagery. Simply stated, seafoam green = fun. It makes you think of tropical waters, which makes you think of beaches, which makes you think of smoking Caribbean ganja while holding a tiny umbrella drink in your other hand......know what I'm sayin'? 

Now that I've successfully escaped the seafoam green wormhole, let's talk about the pirate version of Inigo Montoya cruisin' down the boardwalk with a keg in tow.  

Inigo Montoya keggers are always raging!

Inigo Montoya keggers are always raging!

In simple terms, show posters encourage patrons to show up for the event in question. Given this context, who doesn't want to follow Pirate Inigo to The Boiled Owl?? If I could tie a rope to the back of his bike and skateboard hitchhike down Magnolia Ave, I'd do it in a blink.

And if you think the whole foam rock fingers / seafoam green conspiracy connection is lost on me, it most certainly is not!

Lastly, I heart the shit outta that Pump Triline font used to write out the band names. This font was hot af in the late '70s, early '80s, and the guys from PP managed to bring it back in a tasteful yet ass-kicking fashion. 

Example of the classic Pump Triline font used in late '70s advertising

Example of the classic Pump Triline font used in late '70s advertising

I'm rather certain this won't be the last time these guys make Show Poster of the Week, but in the interim you can check out more of their work as Pussyhouse Propaganda will be exhibiting at The Collective Brewing Project throughout the month of April.

One final keg cup cheers to Liberio and Abucejo on a poster we thoroughly enjoyed.  

BUT WAIT! SUPER BONUS CONTENT: Here's a Dangits music vid to get you hype for Friday!

Music video for the song 'Wasted' by The Dangits - Shot by Justin Powers (canon 5D) - Edited by Abel Berry (final cut)


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