10 Questions - Tyler Rougeux / by Prewitt Scott-Jackson

Welcome to FWN's 10 Questions. We are honored to have Tyler Rougeux from stellar roots outfit Whiskey Folk Ramblers and new duo Crooked Bones join us today. 

Catch Tyler and his innumerable hats throughout DFW, and keep your ears tuned for new music from WfR. 

photo by Clint Young

photo by Clint Young

1) With which animals do you share your home?

I live with my wife and two boys. Eventually, we will get a dog. I even have a little room for writing or escaping, when necessary. 

2) Most likely Pop Culture Alien Overlord?

Realistically, I would say Donald Trump.

3) What can’t you live without?

I'm still on coffee and cigarettes to an inseparable degree. But if you mean, outside of physical addiction, like what you would grab in a fire: the books on my smallest bookshelf, at least two guitars and my music bag. If I had time I'd grab my hatstand and save all my hats, too.

4) Most Important Morning After Food?

Morning after sex? Morning after drinking? Morning after Christmas Eve? I will say, regardless, bacon and eggs for the win. With coffee. And a homemade smoothie, if at home.

5) Personal Symbol of Freedom?

Tattoos and Hats, I suppose.

6) Build a Bridge or Open a Door?

Opening a door seems like it should be the right answer, and it's definitely the right choice for working smarter instead of harder. But I'm still manually building a bridge, so I guess either works.

7) Super Hero Alter Ego?

The Hulk. It takes a lot to piss me off these days, though. So that's good.

8) Who’s your favorite Underdog to Root for?

Bernie Sanders!

9) Given the choice to come back as any animal, which one would you choose?

Probably a sea turtle. Mostly because I think it's a shame that we only get to live, on average, less than 100 years on earth, and I'm very curious about the ocean. Sea Turtles have answers to questions I wouldn't even think to ask.

10) Most important person with the initials MJ from history and why?

Mick Jagger comes to mind. I'm a huge fan of The Rolling Stones, and I hold him in high regard. Much like a sea turtle.