10 Questions - Zachary Edwards / by Prewitt Scott-Jackson

Welcome to FWN's 10 Questions. We're blessed by the presence of rock idol Zachary Edwards. Formerly of face-melters Ice Eater, currently guitarist in Oil Boom, Edwards also helms groove pirates All Clean.  

All Clean plays Denton's Backyard on Bell 3/15, 4/8 at IBK's Regal Room in Deep Ellum before they return to Fort Worth as part of the Main at South Side's 1-year Anniversary Party 4/14. --LB  


Photo by John Erwin (bandstalkerfw)

Photo by John Erwin (bandstalkerfw)

1) With which animals do you share your home?

Two cats and some animal ghosts probably.

2) Most likely Pop Culture Alien Overlord?

Richard Karn. He’s been up to no good since at least 1996.

3) What can’t you live without?

Rumination and despair.

4) Most Important Morning After Food?

Breakfast burrito, for life.

5) Personal Symbol of Freedom?

Coffin Emoji. 

6) Build a Bridge or Open a Door?

Build a bear, build a bridge, open a door - whatever it is, just be nice.

7) Super Hero Alter Ego?

Sabertooth. He’s mean af.

8) Who’s your favorite Underdog to Root for?

The Proletariat.

9) Given the choice to come back as any animal, which one would you choose?

Since you didn’t specify it to be a real animal, I’m going to say Leviathan.

10) Most important person with the initials MJ from history and why?

Michael Jackson seems to have everyone beat, at least according to google, and that’s hard to disagree with.