10 Questions - Jack Russell / by Prewitt Scott-Jackson

Today we track down Jackdaw Russell in the wild for 10 Questions. A high-octane member of Whiskey Folk Ramblers and The Daybreak Hits, superlative artist, lover of fowls and uncommon dervish of the whirling variety, Jack's probably more fun than legally permitted in our region. 

Catch WfR May 4th at Tin Panther, Jackdaw will have his bad ass prints available at East Main Arts Festival in Arlington May 5th, and at the end of the month get out for The Daybreak Hits Record Release party at MASS on May 25.

Buy his art and have the decency when you see him out to give him whiskey. --LB


Check out his artwork here: https://www.etsy.com/people/jackdawfolkart

1) With which creatures do you share your quarters?

3 humans, 2 dogs, downright reckless amounts of cats, all the chickens I can get my hands on (13 & counting), and ducks!!

2) Most likely Pop Culture Alien Overlord?

Hello Kitty. Like you could disobey or say no to Hello Kitty.

3) What can’t you live without?

I’m going to skip all of the boring things that i literally could not live without and say: nerdy sci-fi/ fantasy books.

4) Most Important Morning After Food?

Grease. Preferably Ol’ South or Waffle House grease.

5) Personal Symbol of Freedom?

The gaping black abyss that has replaced all hope and meaning.

6) Build a Bridge or Open a Door?

Can it just be a log over a stream? That one.

7) Super Hero Alter Ego?

Anyone remember Marvel’s Speedball? He bounced around all over the place and people put up with him okay. He tried to help.



8) Who’s your favorite Underdog to Root for?

Democrats. Beto 2018.

9) Given the choice to come back as any animal, which one would you choose?

Jack Russell Terrier. That would blow minds.

10) Most important person with the initials MJ from history and why?  

Michael Jordan. He taught us that humans can fly, if only for a few seconds.