2 Shows, 1 Wednesday Night in Fort Worth / by Prewitt Scott-Jackson

Steve Gnash: A Man of the People - Photo Credit: Prewitt Scott-Jackson

Steve Gnash: A Man of the People - Photo Credit: Prewitt Scott-Jackson

FWN rolled hard in the Fort last night attending not one, but TWO free shows.


FORT WORTH NOISE PSA ALERT: Visit Fort Worth (especially when there's two killer free shows whose schedules allow for dual attendance).

Look y'all, I honestly don't think anyone in the 'plex coulda crafted better times on a random Wednesday than we did last night.

Dreamy Life Records hosted an early shindig that kicked off at 7pm with Denver Williams. Unfortunately I just missed Williams, but I did however manage to experience Redeye (ATX) and his emotive voice before I Happy Am dazzled with avant-garde pop art tunes that woulda made Andy Warhol blush. 

I then met up with the rest of the FWN crew (Daniel Daniel, Capt. Beandip, KB & Little C, Uncle Dave, etc.) at The Live Oak midway thru Cody Lynn Boyd's set. ICYMI, we posted about CLB and his song "Freaks Of The Night" earlier this week.

Next up was Dreamy Life's own Steve Gnash. I gotta say, nobody in town puts on a show like the Gnash.

Look, we're no lawyers, but if we were and you asked us to prove it, we'd offer up the following video from last night as our Exhibit A:

Dallas' hard-rocking Dead Mockingbirds finished us off with pounding drums and a feisty, loud sound that shook the Live Oak.

Quite a bit of magic for a weekday if you ask me. What's the ol' saying? 

"On any given Wednesday..."

BONUS: We are still on the hunt to recruit Fort Worth Noise photogs, but in the meantime, we went ahead and iPhone photographed the jam outta this jam! 

Photo gallery below for your visual pleasure (maybe??) - click the thumbnails to enlarge.  


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