Show Poster of the Week - Traffick Jam 2017 at The Grotto / by Prewitt Scott-Jackson

Once a week FWN features a show poster from the Fort.


This week's featured show poster promotes tomorrow's benefit concert for Salvando Corazones, a Costa Rica-based non-profit organization that provides housing and other critical services to survivors of sex trafficking.  

Panic Volcanic's Ansley "The Destroyer" Dougherty will be hosting this event at The Grotto featuring a ton of local star power in the form of Lindby, Zach Nytomt Band, Tripp Mathis and the Traitors, Dead Vinyl, Arenda Light (replacing Animal Spirit in the lineup), and Panic Volcanic.  

The Fort Worth community has come out in full support of Traffick Jam with local artists offering artwork to auction as well as local businesses donating gift cards for raffle. 

A silent auction will be held throughout the event with work by the following local artists on display: Walt Burns Photography, Ronnie Heart, Artwork of Sarah Ayala, Ann Gilloon, Bailey K Chapman, Ryan Sheffield, Jeremy Joel, Billy Mabrey, Ashlee Cave, Joyterra, and Arrowhead Leather Shop.

These awesomely supportive local businesses have donated gift cards and other items for tomorrow's raffle:

Doors open at 5pm, music starts at 7pm with Lindby. Full event details here.

If you're like me and you cannot make it out to the show Saturday, please consider donating to Salvando Corazones at this link.   

Image via Ansley The Destroyer Dougherty's Facebook Page - Photo Credit: Michelle Stiffler

Image via Ansley The Destroyer Dougherty's Facebook Page - Photo Credit: Michelle Stiffler

As it would turn out, Ansley Dougherty is the responsible party for this show poster design. What doesn't she do?? Honestly?!! #TheDestroyer2020

Throughout our Show Poster of the Week series we have discussed at length one design aspect above others: the designer's ability to align the poster's aesthetics with the event's aesthetics. In this regard, The Destroyer aced it!

Before we get into that, another thing I'd like to point out is how hard it is to fit A LOT of information on one poster without it looking like a jumbled mess. Dougherty had her hands full with this one and yet, the spacing of the text makes it fit together nicely like made-for-each-other puzzle pieces.

Moving along to the design. 

The color gradient immediately pops out as Dougherty pays homage to Salvando Corazones by incorporating the flag of Costa Rica into the design. 

Costa Rica's Flag

Costa Rica's Flag

The heart-shaped hands are a direct tribute to Salvando Corazones as well. The name Salvando Corazones translates to Saving Hearts, and on the homepage for Salvando Corazones' website, this photograph below is the first image you'll find: 

Screen Grab from Salvando Corazones Website

Screen Grab from Salvando Corazones Website

On the surface one may look at this poster and not think much of what lies beneath the design choices. But if you take a quick peek behind the curtain, you will discover it's easy to commend Dougherty for designing a poster with such a powerfully warm message of support. 

What amazing people we have in this community y'all, truly inspiring. FWN would like to extend a great big virtual hug to Salvando Corazones, to Dougherty, and to everyone that's helped organize this benefit concert tomorrow.  


about the word writer person:

Prewitt Scott-Jackson writes Dad poetry & short fiction when he's not hyping and typing for Fort Worth Noise. His writing can be found in Ghost City Press (New York), Five 2 One Magazine (Los Angeles), Prairie Schooner (University of Nebraska Press) and Sick Lit Magazine (Texas), among others. He prefers short walks on the beach because – and I quote – “It’s really hard to walk on sand.”