I Like This Song - Vodeo's "Hey Look I'm a DJ" Ft. Matt Mabe & Morris Holdahl / by Prewitt Scott-Jackson

I Like This Song celebrates songs by local bands sans clichéd music journo over-analysis.

The furthest we take the dissection of songs featured here is, well, you guessed it: "I Like This Song." 


Today's featured song comes from Vodeo's 2017 Sylvainia Sessions. The track debuted last Monday on Youtube with a video that can only be described as dance pants bliss.  

I thought I recognized my parents as one of the dancing couples but then I recalled the fact that my parents dance like two giraffes trying to give each other high fives.

If you dance like two giraffes trying to give each other high fives, please don't let that deter you from dancing this Friday night as Vodeo performs at Magnolia Motor Lounge w/ Darkbird (ATX) and Kevin Aldridge & The Appraisers.

Doors open at 9pm, Vodeo kicks off the music at 9:30. Full event details here.

Say hello to my little ... I like this song.

Image via Vodeo's Facebook Page

Image via Vodeo's Facebook Page


about the word writer person:

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