I Like This Song - Siberian Traps' "Lemon Balm" / by Prewitt Scott-Jackson

I Like This Song celebrates songs by local bands sans clichéd music journo over-analysis.

The furthest we take the dissection of songs featured here is, well, you guessed it: "I Like This Song." 


A film by Peter Marsh, shot in Fort Worth, Texas. "Lemon Balm" is from the upcoming Siberian Traps album Indicator, to be released on Dreamy Life Records on June 9, 2017. "Lemon Balm" words and music by Seth Reeves, Chiefchickencharlie Publishing. Performed by Siberian Traps.

Today's featured song is the lead single from Siberian Traps' forthcoming LP Indicatora Dreamy Life Records jam sandwich 'bout to hit your ear mouths on June 9th.

The 'Traps are set - c'mon, I know you liked that pun - to celebrate the album's release this Friday night at Shipping & Receiving with Son of Stan + Programme + Super Secret Records' New Berlin.

Party starts at 8pm, full event details posted here.

Siberian Traps - Photo greatness by Walt Burns

Siberian Traps - Photo greatness by Walt Burns

Before we move forward, y'all should know there's a killer write-up on Indicator posted over at Aesthetic Magazine; highly recommend you give it a read. The article provides some wonderful insights into the music video's production process as well.

And now I'm gonna talk about actual irl Lemon Balm for a few 'graphs because that's how we do here at FWN.

Lemon Balm: The flower that holds the power

Lemon Balm: The flower that holds the power

Lemon Balm or 'Sweet Melissa' as it is commonly known, has several medicinal properties, making it one of the most beloved plants in the history of humankind (at least for the past 2,000 years anyway).

More so than anything else, Lemon Balm serves as a mild sedative that helps curb stress and anxiety. HELLO! I'm so familiar with stress and anxiety my old law firm was called Scott-Jackson, Stress, & Anxiety LLP.

I've grown Lemon Balm for the past 15 years, I mean, golly, it's practically another family member with its social status resting somewhere between our dog and our goldfish. So one can imagine my delight when the 'Traps dropped this single and music vid.

When I watched the video I perceived a visual representation of Lemon Balm taking hold, the embodiment of its medicinal properties slowly starting to activate.

The video begins with Cameron Smith (War Party) walking alone, robotically striding forward passing by other folks seemingly stuck in the same manic cycle of day-to-day stress.

However, as the video progresses, you can clearly witness the exact moment the 'Balm hits with Smith breaking free of that mechanical pattern via some wicked carefree dance moves (check the 2:55 mark of the video).

The rest of the video's cast subsequently break away as well, taking in a friendly tennis match en route to fully escaping the 'day-to-day' anxiety of the human hamster wheel. Truly fascinating imagery created by the video's director, Peter Marsh (also War Party).      

Big final s/o and congrats to Siberian Traps on the new album and music video, can't wait to get our hands on the record this Friday.

Lookie y'all, this was a lost cause from the start, they had me at Lemon Balm ... I like this song.

Radness gig poster for the album release show - Poster Design by Tony Ferraro 

Radness gig poster for the album release show - Poster Design by Tony Ferraro 


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