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10 Questions Interview - Huffer by Prewitt Scott-Jackson

Welcome to FWN's 10 Questions Interview. We are honored to have the guys from Huffer join us today. 

In a FWN first, instead of answering individually, the band joined forces to collectively provide us with answers!

Be sure to catch Huffer in action this Sat., Feb. 4th at Shipping & Receiving w/ North by North (Chicago, IL), Siberian Traps, & Henry the Archer.  


Image via Huffer's Facebook Page - Photo by Nicholas Wittwer

Image via Huffer's Facebook Page - Photo by Nicholas Wittwer

1. Dogs or Cats? Why?

Huffer: Raw or cooked?

2. Aliens. Do they exist?

Huffer: Yes, dey turk err jurbz

3. Drug of choice? 

Huffer: Scotchgard

4. Brown or white gravy? 

Huffer: Yes

5. Favorite weapon of mass destruction? 

Huffer: Hot Wings

6. Favorite marsupial? 

Huffer: Wallaby

7. Favorite Superhero?

Huffer: Freddie Mercury

8. Did Dez catch it?

Huffer: Does a Pope shit in the woods?

9. When you die, if you were given the choice to come back as any animal, which would you choose?

Huffer: Mick Gallagher

10. The best MJ is: Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, Mike Jones, or Milla Jovovich?

Huffer: Mike Jones because it takes grindin' to be a king

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about the word writer person:

Prewitt Scott-Jackson writes Dad poetry & short fiction when he's not hyping and typing for Fort Worth Noise. His writing can be found in Ghost City Press (New York), Five 2 One Magazine (Los Angeles), Prairie Schooner (University of Nebraska Press) and Sick Lit Magazine (Texas), among others. He prefers short walks on the beach because – and I quote – “It’s really hard to walk on sand.”