10 Questions Interview - Dane Rousay / by Prewitt Scott-Jackson

Welcome to a special edition of FWN's 10 Questions Interview. We are honored to have San Antonio's Dane Rousay join us today. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the article for five additional SUPER DOUBLE BONUS DRUMMER QUESTIONS !!!

Rousay's new record, Blip, will be released this Thursday, April 13th. We got the lead track embedded below for 'yer ear drums.

Speaking of drums, we may brand Rousay as the Stephen Hawking of Drummers. Take a look at how he described his process for making this unique record:

"This album is a percussion composition/improvisational effort in the area of chance composition and chance operations. Many of these pieces went through chance processes of assigning numbers to different drums and objects and then programming the computer to flash these numbers randomly at a fast pace on the screen..."

Catch Rousay in Fort Worth this week on April 14th at Shipping & Receiving w/ Richard Haskins (everyone in town has a fun Haskins story, I'll save mine for another day) & Animal Spirit. Full event details here.


Image via Dane Rousay's Facebook Page - Photo by Oscar Moreno

Image via Dane Rousay's Facebook Page - Photo by Oscar Moreno

1. Dogs or Cats? Why?

DR: Dogs. I need that something that loves me.

2. Aliens. Do they exist?

DR: Ask Blink 182, not me.

3. Drug of choice? (None is not an option btw)

DR: All my prescription pills to keep me from losing my mind.

4. Brown or white gravy? (Neither is not an option btw)

DR: Brown.

5. Favorite weapon of mass destruction?

DR: My drums.

6. Favorite marsupial?

DR: Wombat.

7. Favorite Superhero?

DR: Eh, no one is that super.

8. Did Dez catch it?

DR: Are you kiddin'!

9. When you die, if you were given the choice to come back as any animal, which would you choose?

DR: A snake. Conquer my fear of them once and for all.

10. The best MJ is: Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, Mike Jones, or Milla Jovovich?

DR: Michael Jackson. Questlove said it so I have to agree. 

Blip hits the shelves this Thursday

Blip hits the shelves this Thursday


1. Double kick pedal ever or nah? 

DR: Never live but there's nothing like going through a snare solo with your feet. Highly recommend. 

2. Favorite brand of drumsticks? 

DR: I used to be a Vic Firth person but Vater has won me over. Something about those V's man. 

3. Are you one of those drummers that never have a drum key handy or one of those kind that have like three of them on your keychain? Somewhere in-between?

DR: Haha, always three. Seems like I have more drum keys than any other kinda keys.

4. List your three favorite drummers (not necessarily which ones you think are the best, but the ones you like the most, that have influenced your new record the most).

DR: Milford Graves, Greg Fox, and probably Jacob Richards (goes under the moniker "BATTERY")

5. You play barefoot or with shoes on? If with shoes, what are your "go-to" drumming shoes brand-wise or genre-wise (skate shoes, combat boots, flip-flops, etc.)      

DR: I very recently bought some dress shoes and for some reason the lack of grip on those things are like a free jazzer's dream.

Tour Poster via Dane Rousay's Facebook Page - Photo by Oscar Moreno

Tour Poster via Dane Rousay's Facebook Page - Photo by Oscar Moreno


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