Show Poster of the Week - The Future: An Exhibition in Art, Sound, & Movement at Shipping & Receiving / by Prewitt Scott-Jackson

Once a week FWN features a show poster from the Fort.


This week we are happy to present Raef Payne's vision of a poster for this weekend's epic New Year's Eve event - The Future - taking place Saturday at Shipping & Receiving. 

ATN Productions has curated quite the slate of musicians and visual artists but Payne brings it with a surrealistic radiance of a design to match.

Prince Rama and Ronnie Heart and Wizardvizion! Oh my! Starbass Laboratories, Jason Faries (Neon Indian), Squanto, Frida Monet and Raef himself round up this galactic musical lineup. 

Many among us believe Aliens and their superior technology aided in constructing the ancient pyramids of Egypt around 2500 BCE. Whether intended or not, in Payne's design, I discern an Alien reconnaissance ship's spectral tractor beam.

The purple and blue-hued tractor beam emits upon an ancient pyramid producing a confluence of 'the sacred' and modernity, one similar to that of what we noted in our inaugural Show Poster of the Week by Jeffrey Chase.       

Upon reading the event's prospectus, this juxtaposition of human antiquity and future technologies seems to be what The Future exhibition is all about. Through this lens it's safe to state Payne did a masterful design job aligning with the aura of the event, achieving seamless synchronicity.

By the gods, I swear, I'm currently slacking at work as to research legal loopholes so I can formally marry this design ... I love it so.

Tickets for the event can be purchased here - doors open at 7PM. 


about the word writer person:

Prewitt Scott-Jackson writes Dad poetry & short fiction when he's not hyping and typing for Fort Worth Noise. His writing can be found in Ghost City Press (New York), Five 2 One Magazine (Los Angeles), Prairie Schooner (University of Nebraska Press) and Sick Lit Magazine (Texas), among others. He prefers short walks on the beach because – and I quote – “It’s really hard to walk on sand.”