10 Questions - Blake Parish by Prewitt Scott-Jackson

Welcome to FWN's 10 Questions. We're joined by radical rock and roll frontman Blake Parish. The longtime member of The Hanna Barbarians, currently putting in work with Royal Sons who will release their first record in late May.  

Royal Sons play April 7th at Gas Monkey with a bounty of talent including Mothership. Closer to home, they'll be at Lola's April 20th with Cut Throat Finches and Quaker City Night Hawks among others --LB  

Photo By Jon Bearce

Photo By Jon Bearce

1) With which animals do you share your home?

My wife Tiffany (she’s a Stone Fox) and my little furry Boston Terrier buddies Louie and McFly

2) Most likely Pop Culture Alien Overlord?

Bowie, he’s just gone home briefly to get reinforcements.

3) What can’t you live without?

Rock and Roll

4) Most Important Morning After Food?

miso soup

5) Personal Symbol of Freedom?

“fuck you”

6) Build a Bridge or Open a Door?

Open a door.

7) Super Hero Alter Ego?


8) Who’s your favorite Underdog to Root for?

Bernie Sanders most recently

Image Courtesy of SNL/NBC

Image Courtesy of SNL/NBC

9) Given the choice to come back as any animal, which one would you choose?

I’d be a wolf.

10) Most important person with the initials MJ from history and why?

Mick Jagger because The Rolling Stones are the greatest Rock and Roll band of all time.

I Like This Song - Bitch Bricks' "Steak Baby" by Prewitt Scott-Jackson

I Like This Song celebrates songs by local bands sans clichéd music journo over-analysis.

The furthest we take the dissection of songs featured here is, well, you guessed it: "I Like This Song." 


Today's featured song comes from Fort Worth's Bitch Bricks and the arse-kicking Group Therapy Vol. 1 compilation put together by Dreamy Soundz and Lo-Life Recordings.

Photo via Bitch Bricks Facebook Page

Photo via Bitch Bricks Facebook Page

You can catch the Bricks this Saturday, Jan. 28th at 515 Bar w/ Ripped Genes (MO) and Denton's Dome Dwellers.

This free show starts at 9pm, full event details here.

Oh yea, here's our deepest thoughts on this track: I like this song.

DOUBLE SUPER BONUS: The below show poster's crazy rad, right?

Image via Facebook Event Page for 515 Bar

Image via Facebook Event Page for 515 Bar


about the word writer person:

Prewitt Scott-Jackson writes Dad poetry & short fiction when he's not hyping and typing for Fort Worth Noise. His writing can be found in Ghost City Press (New York), Five 2 One Magazine (Los Angeles), Prairie Schooner (University of Nebraska Press) and Sick Lit Magazine (Texas), among others. He prefers short walks on the beach because – and I quote – “It’s really hard to walk on sand.”