Show Poster of the Week - Animal Spirit's CD Release Show at Lola's / by Prewitt Scott-Jackson

Once a week FWN features a show poster from the Fort.


This week's featured show poster has me seeing stars! And for the record, let it be known that astral-themed show posters always have a home here at Fort Worth Noise.

The poster promotes Animal Spirit's CD Release Show, a celebration of their new album This Is Relevant.

The shindig starts at 9pm and it's all goin' down at Lola’s this Saturday, Feb. 18th. Trái Bơ and Dome Dwellers kick off the night. Full event details here.

So who designed this beauty? To find the droid we're looking for we need not look further than Saturday night's bill, as Dome Dweller's Michael J. Slack stands the guilty party. Btw, the constellation/DNA imagery doubles as the album artwork for This Is Relevant.

Besides the fetching conglomeration of somber blue hues, the concept behind the design warrants focused attention.

It's widely known and romanticized that humans are made from stars but how much so is less well-known. No worries, we got you: Capt. Google says stardust comprises 93% of human body mass.


If anything, the romantic-types aren't romanticizing this fact enough. We are walking, talking stars ... every one of us.

Given this context, the brilliance in Slack's design becomes more discernible. In amalgamating stars with a DNA double helix, Slack expertly captures a visual representation of humanity's sidereal evolutionary process.

I'm probably reaching here, but stay with me -- what if this exploration we've conducted today answers the question all of us are asking ourselves?

You know the question. What exactly does the "This" in This Is Relevant refer to? Like, what is "This"? What is relevant? The album? The band?

I think it's more than that. I think this fact is relevant, this fact that we humans are made from stars.

Through this choice of artwork, Animal Spirit and Slack are implicitly sending a message of hope: that we are all relevant. That human life is relevant and by right, the music and art we create is relevant. It's a beautiful message, one that's been well-received by this lowly writer.

Congrats to Animal Spirit on the new album and to Slack for a design that inspires. FWN will be all up in Lola's Saturday, so hope to see you there!

BONUS CONTENT: To get ya hype for Saturday, here's music videos for two songs off This Is Relevant

"Revenge" the first single from the new album This Is Relevant by the band Animal Spirit - Directed by Rue Dwyer - Produced by Rue Dwyer & Animal Spirit

"Doom Surf" the Second single from the new album This Is Relevant by the band Animal Spirit - Directed by Brian Bailey - Produced by Brian Bailey


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